What are some of the risks and side effects of breasts implants

In the current world, appearance and beauty are regarded with utmost esteem, forcing people to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve the most desirable physical appearance. Among the major issues that arise in the pursuit of beauty and physical elegance, is plastic surgery, more specifically breast implants. The phenomenon of breast implants has been in existence since the late years of the 20th century, women in the spotlight were more used to the vice. However as years passed by, the need to increase breasts size through implants has rapidly spread to women of all social and cultural backgrounds. Healthcare experts have in multiple instances, highlighted the dangers associated with getting breast implants, they range into different categories. The risks of getting breast implants are long term implying that they may cause body defects and ailments that will last a lifetime.

Effects of silicone

The main component used in the process of breast enlargement is silicone, this substance has high concentration of foreign solutions that facilitate the thriving of the implants in the body tissue. However few years after the implant, more often than not the silicone implant deflate spilling the chemical solution into the bloodstream, this has been proven to be a cause of malignant illnesses. Physicians have been unable to establish the actual identity of the ailments, however it seems to have the depleting effect, often witnessed on people suffering from arthritis. Other effects include terminal defects such as liver and kidney dysfunction, specifically due to silicone poisoning of the body fluids.

Chronic pain

A large number of women who have had breast enlargement, claim to suffer from stubborn chronic breast pain, this goes on for a long time after the surgical wound has healed. Surgeons explain that chronic pain associated with breast implants is as a result of introduction of foreign material in the body. When the operation is conducted there is direct addition of artificial genetically engineered tissue in the human body, consequently resulting to severe alteration of the immune system. The body automatically fights to repel the new material and ends up causing the patient immense and continuous pain.

Recurring Infections

This is the most common attribute of breast implants, from the inception of the procedure the plastic surgeon makes incisions on a relatively healthy part of the human body. This ultimately results into a wound that takes a long time to heal, moreover there is the introduction of the silicone implants which are a foreign component, thus infections become a recurrent issue. The most affected region is the point of entry where the implants are done and therefore, toxicity of the material causes maximum damage on the body tissue especially if the body is repelling the presence of the breast implants.

Breast dis-figuration

The chances of the breasts losing their original shape are always high when it comes to implants, the predicament maybe as a result of failed surgical process by unqualified surgeons. Cases of hardened and disfigured breasts have been witnessed on recipients of breasts enlargements. This causes major physical and mental scarring of the victim and defeats the entire purpose of getting the implants in the first place.