How To Naturally Enhance Breasts

Do you always feel that your breasts are small and you need them bigger? Or have you ever felt intimidated by having small breasts? Well you can enhance them and it won’t cost you much as getting a surgery. There are a number of natural breast enhancement techniques that you can apply. You might be wondering how it works. How to naturally enhance breasts. This is how.

Breast Massage

A regular breast massage is an effective way to enhance breasts. Make a point of massaging your breasts every day for at least 30 minutes. Some say that you can increase your breast size buy a cup size in a month if you massage them on a daily basis.Breast massage works to increase blood flow all around the breast and in turn spread phytoestrogens – hormones that helps breasts grow. Regular massage will also stimulate production of prolactin which is also a hormone that enlarges your breasts.Doing the massage is easy. Make your palms warm buy rubbing them together rapidly then place them on your breasts and rub them inwardly simultaneously. If you can, make sure to make about 300 counts in the morning and before you go to bed. It certainly doesn’t take much time and can be pleasurable to you too.

Healthy Eating to Control and Balance Reproductive Hormones

Women have more estrogen than testosterone in their system and this gives them the features that identify them as a woman. When testosterone is secreted excessively in a woman and there is less secretion of estrogen, it is bound to lead to small breasts. It is thus advisable to take food rich in phytoestrogen which is considered dietary estrogen.
These foods also work to protect against health disorders such as breast and bowel cancers, heart disease and prostate.

Below is a number of these foods:
Soy Products – Soy beans, soy milk, tofu, soy nuts, soy yoghurt and soybean oil among others.
Legumes – you should consider legumes such as beans, soy beans, and green beans among others.
Nuts and Oil Seeds – this may include; walnuts, cashew nuts, Fenugreek seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds.
Meat Products such as chicken and its products.
Whole Bread and Grain Cereals – these include brown rice, wheat, crisp bread, millet, barley, etc.Vegetables – Clover, Fenugreek leaves, winter squash, Alfalfa, carrots, beets, licorice etc.Fruits – Apples are good. You can also include strawberries, peaches, raspberry, water melon, plums, pomegranate, etc.


There are a number of breast enhancing exercises that you can do.

Chest Presses
The best chest press exercise that can easily be done at home is the dumb bell chest press. It is simple to execute and very effective.

Push Ups
This is common and the easiest since you don’t require special equipment, just yourself and a mat. There are two types of push-ups you can try. Regular push-ups and modified push-ups which can be simply done by having your needs to the floor other than off the floor as in the regular push-ups.

Rear Lateral Raise
This exercise is another simple one to do and involves dumb bells. It works best to increase the size of your breast.

These are just but a few of the ways you can naturally enhance your breasts and if you make them a routine it is definite that they will work well for you. It is a guarantee that natural breast enhancement works and will work for you too.

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