Gym Exercises for Breast Enhancement

Bigger is better right? That seems to be the prevailing thought in today’s modern world. What if you don’t have large breast, are you just stuck with what you got? Not necessarily, even if you cant afford or refuse to have surgery for breast enhancement there is still an alternative. Best of all its free and all natural! Free? that’s right, with time and determination you have the option for natural breast enhancement! How, you ask? Lets take a look.

Everybody knows hows to perform a pushup, well how about performing one while leaning against a wall? It is the same concept. The motion should be focused in the chest area. This exercise is called a wall press. Pretty easy right? This exercise should be repeated several times, at least three sets at 15 to 20 repetitions per set. As the motion is conducted it is building up the chest muscles which in turn allows you to have that ‘pop’ in your breast you desire.

Another wonderful and rather simple exercise you can use to promote breast enhancement is elbow extensions. What, how does that help enhance my breast? Believe it or not it does. Start by placing your arms in front of you fully extended, now slowly draw back your elbows as far back as possible. Now return to your starting position. Notice what muscles you was using? That’s right your chest muscles! Just like the wall press this should be repeated 15 to 20 times for three sets. Make sure when performing this one you move slow and focus on your breathing.

Here is number three. Palm presses. It is as easy as it sounds. place your hands together in front of your chest, palm to palm. Then just press. Yes, that is it for this one. This exercise needs to practiced daily for full effect.

Now lets look at breast enhancement exercise that involve weights. First off lets go over arm circles. Most people have done these before. extend your arms out to the side of your body, with a light weight in each hand proceed to make a circular motion with your arms. You can do big or small, fast or slow. Mixing it up will increase the effect due to muscle confusion. This exercise actually promotes new tissue growth withing the chest. Keep this up for about 20 minutes a day, and you will notice the results.

For this exercise you will need a workout bench. Lay on the bench, bending legs at a 90 degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. with a dumbbell in either hand hold your arms straight up. Slowly bring down your arms by bending your elbows. Be sure to come completely down. Now fully extend again, and repeat. This is another way to promote tissue growth.

Last but not least we have the altered push up. Much like a standard push up, the altered push up has only one difference. Your knees are shoulder length apart and are placed on the ground. With your arms shoulder length apart as well, look at the ground and slowly lower yourself until your chin almost touches the floor. Raise yourself back up, once more repeat.

Each of these exercises contribute to Breast Enhancement. With a routine formed and practiced on a regular basis each week, you will see great results start to reveal itself. The repetitions and sets earlier mentioned are only suggestions can be increased or decreased to your personal needs. Just remember the more these exercise are performed the better and faster your results will be.